Module 48: Determinate/Indeterminate PRS Violator with a New Consecutive Indeterminate Term

First Name (replace)
Last Name (replace)
NYS ID# * (replace)
DIN # (optional)
Prior Sentence Maximum Expiration Date
Date Paroled/Released
Date Declared Delinquent (see Note)
New Indeterminate Minimum Term yrs mts
New Indeterminate Maximum Term yrs mts
Today's Date*
Prior Post Release Supervision M.E. Date
Jail Time months days

Note: This calculation will be good for the majority of cases where the 'Commission Date' of the new crime can be used as the Delinquency Date. However, you should check with PRDU to see if any violations have occurred between the 'Commission Date' of the 'New Felony' and the 'Sentence Date' of that felony. In those cases DOCCS may use the 'Sentence Date' of the 'New Felony' as the Delinquency Date. Also, DOCCS may use a different 'Delinquency Date' if the prior determinate sentence expires before the client is sentenced on the new felony.